Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dinner Table

This was another HW assignment for AP, the second one I think. I wasn't used to making art on my own, and I couldn't think of anything for "Corner of a Room." I'm more of a literal person, so when I'm told to be creative, I have a hard time and I draw out exactly what the prompt or assignment means. I wasn't able to be creative, but I really like this painting. I always had trouble painting with acrylic, but this piece was actually one of my more successful paintings. IT's true that I could've done better, but I wouldn't change anything.


This was a homework assignment for AP called "Looking Through a Window." I tried to think about unique ways to draw this out, but I had difficulty with my creative thinking :( So I just drew the literal meaning of the assignment. I really think I could have done a better job, but I was really stressed out from all the other art projects and AP classes. I regret not incorporating a bit of color to emphasize some parts of the drawing. I had fun sketching it out, but I really could have made the hands more realistic or the drawing itself more like she was actually looking through a window.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

OOH!!!! This was the funnest project HANDS DOWN. I used the brayer and smudged spackle all over the cards with my fingers and spray painted the corners and used stencils with Chinese on them. I have to say that they did end up kind of busy, but I really like the composition, especially the middle one. I used some sort of rope to bundle up a few of my trading cards and make it into one. I had such a great time just experimenting with all of the media I had and using them to my potential :)

Closet View

I actually liked this homework assignment. I sketched out the closet on a canvas board, which was really difficult by the way. Then, I added watercolor on top, which I should have done first. The water smudged the sketch, and I had to redraw some parts of the closet. I still like the view, because the door is open, but the deeper insides of the closet are concealed. The thought of that makes me wonder what's inside the deeper corners of the closet.

Collage Portrait

My absolute favorite piece this year is my collage portrait. I dedicated a lot of my time to this piece, and it was worth it. The view is creative, I love how I incorporated ink in the artwork, and the newspaper was fun to glue onto the piece. Sketching values into the shirt was the most challenging, but also the most intriguing portion of the whole. This portrait not only forced me to bring out my imagination, but it also taught me that I do have skills; I just need them to come out of their hiding place once in a while.

Game On

So, let's talk about this piece. NOT. Out of everything I've done this year, this is my least favorite. I like the mancala board and I like the hand, but the background, the word, and the creativity doesn't satisfy me. The view is not creative, and I did not blend the oil pastels in the background well.


I don't know why the picture came out so small, but I'll just tell you that there are fireflies everywhere. The person was supposed to be me, but she's more like me with photoshop. Anyways, the project required bugs somewhere in the artwork, so I put one right in front of my eye. I'll admit, this painting wasn't well thought out, but I think my face was painted well.

For my first homework assignment for art, I had to draw a figure.... I've never drawn one out before, but I think the results are satisfactory :) I had a lot of trouble getting the proportions right, but in the end I don't think it's very noticeable.


I fell in love the first time I saw M.C. Escher's "Drawing Hands." It's just breathtaking how he was able to make the hands so realistic to the point that you can almost touch the ridges of the hands. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to be able to even just think about this kind of art, let alone draw it out. The hands were drawn with so much skill that I was motivated to try it as well. My imitation of M.C. Escher is not nearly as well thought out, but this piece was a nice stepping stone to the kind of artist I've become.

Water Droplets

The picture quality isn't fantastic, but I'm too lazy to take another one, sorry. I took about three days on this artwork for GHP, so I didn't do as well as I could have. Unfortunately, the raindrops on the window look more like bubbles.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Life Series

This is the first series I made in AP Art. I always had difficulty with still life, but after I completed the pencil drawing, I improved a little more. The first still life contour was challenging; I didn't know what medium to use, but after seeing my classmates use markers, I decided I would too. I used oil pastels on the second still life blind contour and I'm not very happy with the results. I never could use oil pastels very well. Of the three, my favorite is the last still life that I used acrylic paint and newspaper on. I noticed that the more I try new things, the more I improve. So, that is my plan for this year's artwork :D